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Stephen – As the patriarch of the family, his boys look to him less for movie advice than they do for movie ticket funding.  At 48, he started his appreciation of films in the 70’s, with one of his earliest movie memories being Jaws – seen at the Skyway theater in downtown Minneapolis with his mother.  She was terrified, he was hooked.  His favorite movie of all time:  To Kill a Mockingbird.

Charlie – He’s the oldest of the three brothers at 20 years old, and a student of film, literally.  He enjoys independent films, and has most recently been on a documentary film kick.  His favorite movie of all time: Trainspotting.

Peter – He’s the middle child at 18.  His movie tastes are eclectic – sometimes it’s a blockbuster, and sometimes it’s a movie that absolutely no one has ever heard of.  Since he lives in a dorm on a college campus in the middle of Iowa with no car, his movie viewing is often limited to whatever is showing at the only theater that is walking distance.  His favorite movie of all time is: The Fountain

Henry – He’s the youngest of the brothers at 13.  He also has eclectic tastes.  Most of his movie “energy” is spent trying to convince his dad that it is OK for him to see an R-rated film.  For the record, in the Ripple house, they evaluate each film individually, and do not follow the rating system off a cliff.  Thus, Henry is occasionally allowed to see an “R”, depending on the content and the context.  His favorite movie of all time: The Fall

Teresa – Married to Stephen for 25 years, and mother to three wonderful boys, she has been dragged to more than her share of Action/Horror/Sci Fi movies.  However, if it weren’t for her, Ripple would never have seen great films like A Room With A View and Shakespeare In Love.  Conversely, he also wouldn’t have seen films like Made of Honor and 27 Dresses.  While Teresa will not be a regular critic, she will periodically post film thoughts and reviews in “Teresa’s Corner”.

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