Paranormal Activity 3

Posted by on November 4, 2011

This should be quick. If you didn’t like either of the first two movies, there is no way you will like this one. If you DID like the first two, then the third (and presumably the fourth, fifth, and sixth) will probably be worth the price of admission. I happen to be a fan of the series.

Like its predecessors, PA3 thrives on scaring you more with what might happen. Late at night, with the whir of the video camera scanning the room, your eyes are trained to look for scary things that might, or might not, appear. With PA2, the director discovered that kids in trouble are scarier than adults, so in PA3 there are multiple kids invloved (one can only assume that in PA6 there will be a whole schoolhouse of children being terrified.

One of the trailers for the film hypes that “the last 15 minutes of this movie will really mess you up”. It’s good scary fun, but I’m pretty certain I’m not messed up (at least not due to PA3). If a movie has ever messed me up, I would have to go with The Exorcist”

Final Grade: C+

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