Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Posted by on July 30, 2011

For Steve Carell fans suffering from Michael Scott withdrawal syndrome, go see Crazy, Stupid, Love. It’s a surprisingly creative, funny, romantic comedy.  Carell plays Cal, a suburban husband and father, who is happily married.  Or so he thought.  After his wife has an affair, he suddenly finds himself out on his own.  After a slow (and slightly depressing) start, the film kicks into high gear as Cal tries to enter the dating scene, with the help of Jacob, a slick pick-up artist, played by Ryan Gosling.  Jacob is as smooth as Cal is awkward.  And their scenes together are brilliant.  Gosling and Carell are both wonderful and the script soars when they are in the scene.  From funny pick-up lines to the scene in the mall where Jacob is trying to update Cal’s look.  It is like a twisted version of Pretty Woman, and it works.  One of my favorite lines is when Cal is going into the Gap to buy some new jeans and Jacob slaps him across the face, declaring, “you are better than Gap!”

While it is a bit of an ensemble cast, this movie works best when it focuses on Carell and Gosling.  Also strong are Emma Stone, who plays a love interest of Gosling, and Analeigh Tipton a confused babysitter for Carell.  Julianne Moore and Marissa Tomei are just OK in the movie, with Moore coming across a bit whiny and Tomei’s performance is strangely over-the-top, and not in a good way.  Also, there are several scenes, usually including Carell’s son that are simply too precious and strange.  Oddly, his parent’s in the movie repeatedly refer to the child as being different.  Yeah, he’s different because he’s got all of the worst lines in the movie.  But all in all, this movie is a fun time, and the big scene towards the end that ties up all the loose ends is absolutely hilarious.

Final Grade:  B-